Discoloration of City of Carencro’s Water

The City of Carencro is experiencing discolored water, which is expected to continue for the next few weeks. One of the two water towers is offline due to scheduled maintenance. The 500,000-gallon tower has been drained so the interior can be cleaned and repainted. This process is estimated to take six weeks. Although the remaining 300,000-gallon tower is keeping up with heavy demand which is normally shared by both towers, the iron sediment in the predominately old pipes is being stirred up.

The City of Carencro’s water has always contained heavy iron content. Our city water is tested regularly by the Louisiana Health Department; it meets all their standards and is safe to drink even though it may be discolored. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your patience until this situation is resolved.

Thank you. Mayor Glenn Brasseaux