Meet Councilmember Antoine Babineaux


Tell us about your Carencro roots.
As a native of Carencro, I have been living here for 65 years. I graduated from Carencro High School in 1972, and have worked here ever since. Family is important to me: I’m a proud father of three (Nathaniel, Antoine III, and Aspazie), grandfather of five, and great-grandfather of one. We often cook together, listen to Zydeco music, and travel. My family gathers together to create memories that will last a lifetime, and it is these memories that inspire me to improve my community.

How long have you been a Council member?
I have been a councilman for 29 years now. My desire to run for re-election was directly influenced by my enduring dedication to the community of Carencro. I want to support the continued growth and progression of our City, so that future generations may live a better life.

What are some of your goals during your term?
My goals are largely inspired by my family ties to the city. As a native who is raising a family in Carencro, it is my desire to see that residents continue to enjoy a higher quality of life. Because of this, promoting the continued growth and progression of our city is my top priority as councilman. I believe that making strides towards developing a safe and clean environment, promoting educational opportunities, and securing economic development are paramount to ensuring that our citizens are happy.

Besides serving as a City Councilmember, tell us about your work and professional training.
I have been employed with Hub City Ford for the past 16 years as a Manufacturer Trained Technician. My promise, as a knowledgeable, full-time qualified Technician, is to keep delivering award-winning service to customers on a daily basis.

What else would you like us to know about you?
Besides caring for the citizens of Carencro, I am an active parishioner at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church. As part of my duties to the church, I am a Parish Council Trustee, and an active member of the Fundraising Committee. Outside of my church, I am an organizer for the FoodNet drive at the Carencro Community Center. This non-profit organization helps provide food to those in need, generates community support, and reduces hunger through distribution of donated goods.