Water System Maintenance

The city will be flushing fire hydrants beginning April 8, as part of regular water system maintenance. The hydrants are drained by sections, starting in a central location and working outward, until the entire system has been flushed; this may up to three weeks to complete. During this time, you may notice brown water when you initially turn on your faucets after the hydrants in your area are drained. This discoloration is due to rust build-up being dislodged from older pipes during the flushing process. It is only temporary and should clear if you let your water run for a few minutes. The water is safe to use.

Original sections of Carencro’s water system were built with cast-iron pipes, and some lines dead-end, which enables sediment accumulation. Newer sections utilize plastic pipe, and dead-ends in the system are no longer allowed, which prevents these issues.

Buster Broussard, Carencro Water Supervisor, explains that this flushing process is performed periodically to prevent excessive sediment build-up in the system.

The work will be conducted Monday-Friday, from roughly 8 a.m.-5 p.m. “We try to minimize the inconvenience to residents as much as possible, although we aren’t able to predict how long each section will take, so we cannot schedule exactly where we’ll be working each day,” says Broussard. He cautions that there may be limited instances where the work extends beyond 5 p.m. “Some hydrants take longer to flush, and we have no way of knowing how long each will take,” he explains.

It is suggested that during this period, residents should check to see if their water is clear before doing laundry.

We appreciate your understanding while we conduct this necessary maintenance.