Meet Councilmember Danielle Capritto


Tell us about your Carencro ties.
While I was born in Lafayette, I have lived in Carencro for about 10 years now. My two children, Dakota and Levi, are blessed with the opportunity to be raised in such a great city. I wanted to directly play a role in Carencro’s future not only for them but our future generation as well; I want them to be proud to call Carencro home.

My grandparents owned several businesses in Lafayette, one of which was named Castille Marble and Granite. This business in particular played a huge role in my life. It was in their backyard and we only lived about 3 city blocks from them, so I was there often. I saw first hand, as a child, how their business embodied the principles of hard work and dedication. I had the privilege to have my grandparents’ presence and influence in my life, and most of my work ethic, morals and standards are a direct reflection of their guidance.

How long have you been a Council member?
I have been on the Carencro City Council for four months and it has truly been an experience of a lifetime. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Why did you choose to run for office?
I guess you can say politics is in my blood. My grandfather was very interested in politics, and his son (my uncle), Bobby Castille, was a Lafayette Parish City Councilman. Carl Castille, another uncle of mine, also ran for Lafayette Parish Sheriff. We as a family would come together during those election years and campaign together.

I chose to run for Carencro City Council because the city was growing in front of my eyes and I knew, if elected, I would make a difference in some way. My campaign slogan was with “With Growth Comes Change” and I wanted to be a part of that growth and change.

What are some of your goals during your term?
In all, my main goal is to do as much as possible to see to it that Carencro residents have a great quality of life.

First, I aim be a forward thinker. We should always look to the future to ensure that Carencro is not only great today, but also 20-40 years from now. As an example, Carencro has a great opportunity for the future when it comes to PARC. I want to work hand-in-hand with PARC to ensure that our facilities continue to be used to their fullest ability.

Then, I want to make sure that our city infrastructure is well maintained. Infrastructure is an important inner working of our city and I want to ensure that streets, drainage and sidewalks are kept up to the best of our ability.

Lastly, one of my overarching goals is to continue encouraging residents to voice their opinions and engage with their community. I think it is important that the community of Carencro becomes more involved and can feel as if they have a voice.

Besides serving as a City Councilmember, tell us about your work and professional training.
I am and have been an Account Executive at Hulco Printer for the last 2.5 years. I have worked in sales in the printing industry for the last nine years. I am a 2005 Northside High Graduate and a 2012 graduate of Blue Cliff College, licensed in massage therapy.

What else would you like us to know about you?
My two kids and I make it a point to attend the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk every year along with as many community events in Carencro and the surrounding communities.

My hobbies are my kids, gardening, arts and craft, fishing and cooking. Dakota is my drama/dancing queen and Levi is my little sports enthusiast. My parents are my support system and are always just a phone call away.

Family fun fact: My dad is one of 16 and my mom is one of 8, as a child I thought having 64 first cousins was normal!