Meet the Team: Valerie Bosset

Strength and resilience are defining characteristics of staff member Valerie Bosset. You’ll find out just what we mean shortly, but first, let’s talk about how Valerie helps manage the exciting growth in our community.

As Carencro’s Planning Administrator, Valerie handles permitting for all residential and commercial properties in the city. That means working with developers, builders, electricians and plumbers, generating permits and assisting subcontractors with all aspects of the building process. With the astronomical growth in the city, she says it’s impossible to describe an average workday in just a few sentences!

A Northside High graduate, Valerie lived in Maryland for 25 years before returning home to Louisiana. “Carencro was not the same Carencro I remembered,” she says. That growth was part of her decision to join the city’s staff in 2011. She also is a member of the Transportation Policy Committee and the Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition.

The last couple of years brought a serious health challenge to Valerie’s life, but she met it head-on. Now approaching the one-year mark of being cancer-free, Valerie talks about her experience: “I was diagnosed in November 2017 with a rare type of breast cancer. With a strong will to fight this horrible disease, and support from family, friends and especially my mayor, I persevered. In July of this year, I will have completed one year of being cancer-free, and I give all praise and glory to God.”

We’re forever grateful for Valerie’s recovery, too, and happy to have her on our team.