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Walter Drive Closure & Detour

Temporary Closure Notice:

Walter Drive will be closed May 28-31 (depending on weather) due to the installation of a sewer manhole. Drivers may use this detour.

National Day of Prayer 2019

The Carencro Business Association hosted our city’s 11th National Day of Prayer, May 2, 2019. A large assembly of residents, guests, schoolchildren, area pastors and civic leaders joined together in prayer for our city, state and nation.

Thanks to the many individual volunteers and business sponsors who worked to make the event a success, including Don’s Specialty Meats in Carencro, Super 1 Foods in Carencro, and the St. Peter Roman Catholic Church Catholic Daughters for providing all in attendance with a great meal. And, thanks to the students of Carencro Catholic School and Carencro Middle School, and the area pastors who lead our non-denominational prayer service. 

It was inspiring to see such a community gathering united in purpose.

See more photos from the event.

Meet Councilmember Danielle Capritto


Tell us about your Carencro ties.
While I was born in Lafayette, I have lived in Carencro for about 10 years now. My two children, Dakota and Levi, are blessed with the opportunity to be raised in such a great city. I wanted to directly play a role in Carencro’s future not only for them but our future generation as well; I want them to be proud to call Carencro home.

My grandparents owned several businesses in Lafayette, one of which was named Castille Marble and Granite. This business in particular played a huge role in my life. It was in their backyard and we only lived about 3 city blocks from them, so I was there often. I saw first hand, as a child, how their business embodied the principles of hard work and dedication. I had the privilege to have my grandparents’ presence and influence in my life, and most of my work ethic, morals and standards are a direct reflection of their guidance.

How long have you been a Council member?
I have been on the Carencro City Council for four months and it has truly been an experience of a lifetime. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Why did you choose to run for office?
I guess you can say politics is in my blood. My grandfather was very interested in politics, and his son (my uncle), Bobby Castille, was a Lafayette Parish City Councilman. Carl Castille, another uncle of mine, also ran for Lafayette Parish Sheriff. We as a family would come together during those election years and campaign together.

I chose to run for Carencro City Council because the city was growing in front of my eyes and I knew, if elected, I would make a difference in some way. My campaign slogan was with “With Growth Comes Change” and I wanted to be a part of that growth and change.

What are some of your goals during your term?
In all, my main goal is to do as much as possible to see to it that Carencro residents have a great quality of life.

First, I aim be a forward thinker. We should always look to the future to ensure that Carencro is not only great today, but also 20-40 years from now. As an example, Carencro has a great opportunity for the future when it comes to PARC. I want to work hand-in-hand with PARC to ensure that our facilities continue to be used to their fullest ability.

Then, I want to make sure that our city infrastructure is well maintained. Infrastructure is an important inner working of our city and I want to ensure that streets, drainage and sidewalks are kept up to the best of our ability.

Lastly, one of my overarching goals is to continue encouraging residents to voice their opinions and engage with their community. I think it is important that the community of Carencro becomes more involved and can feel as if they have a voice.

Besides serving as a City Councilmember, tell us about your work and professional training.
I am and have been an Account Executive at Hulco Printer for the last 2.5 years. I have worked in sales in the printing industry for the last nine years. I am a 2005 Northside High Graduate and a 2012 graduate of Blue Cliff College, licensed in massage therapy.

What else would you like us to know about you?
My two kids and I make it a point to attend the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk every year along with as many community events in Carencro and the surrounding communities.

My hobbies are my kids, gardening, arts and craft, fishing and cooking. Dakota is my drama/dancing queen and Levi is my little sports enthusiast. My parents are my support system and are always just a phone call away.

Family fun fact: My dad is one of 16 and my mom is one of 8, as a child I thought having 64 first cousins was normal!

Meet the Team: Heather Schexnider

Heather Schexnider has been working with us at City Hall for three years as Clerk and Planning Assistant. An eclectic range of skills and interests speaks volumes about Heather: she’s certified in medical coding and billing, certified as a dental assistant, and is a licensed massage therapist. We’re left with just one question, what can’t Heather do?

The short answer: not much, and it shows. Whether it’s meeting and welcoming our new citizens of Carencro, assisting the Planning/Permits office, processing payments, or handling whatever comes her way on any given day, Heather gets things done!

A native of Upper Lafayette, Heather is a graduate of Northside High, and attended LSU Eunice and UL Lafayette. Her second job is being a single mom of two, ages 11 and 15, which we all know is a full-time job in and of itself! Even so, Heather is finding time to explore her interest in yoga. She credits a great support system of family, friends and co-workers for keeping her grounded, with a positive outlook.


Water System Maintenance

The city will be flushing fire hydrants beginning April 8, as part of regular water system maintenance. The hydrants are drained by sections, starting in a central location and working outward, until the entire system has been flushed; this may up to three weeks to complete. During this time, you may notice brown water when you initially turn on your faucets after the hydrants in your area are drained. This discoloration is due to rust build-up being dislodged from older pipes during the flushing process. It is only temporary and should clear if you let your water run for a few minutes. The water is safe to use.

Original sections of Carencro’s water system were built with cast-iron pipes, and some lines dead-end, which enables sediment accumulation. Newer sections utilize plastic pipe, and dead-ends in the system are no longer allowed, which prevents these issues.

Buster Broussard, Carencro Water Supervisor, explains that this flushing process is performed periodically to prevent excessive sediment build-up in the system.

The work will be conducted Monday-Friday, from roughly 8 a.m.-5 p.m. “We try to minimize the inconvenience to residents as much as possible, although we aren’t able to predict how long each section will take, so we cannot schedule exactly where we’ll be working each day,” says Broussard. He cautions that there may be limited instances where the work extends beyond 5 p.m. “Some hydrants take longer to flush, and we have no way of knowing how long each will take,” he explains.

It is suggested that during this period, residents should check to see if their water is clear before doing laundry.

We appreciate your understanding while we conduct this necessary maintenance.

Mercredi Show Spring 2019

Celebrate spring with our family friendly, free outdoor concert series, The Mercredi Show! Presented by the Parks & Recreation Commission of Carencro, this is a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday evening. It’s held on the Pelican Park concert stage, 6-8:30 p.m. 

  • April 3 – Nik-L Beer Band
  • April 10 – Country Roundup
  • April 17 – Jackie Callier, Ivy Dugas & The Cajun Cousins
  • April 24 – Gregg Martinez & The Delta Kings
  • May 1 – Mathew Ewing & The All Star Band
  • May 8 – Blaine Roy & Second Wind
  • May 15 – High Performance








Special thanks to our sponsors who help make this community event possible:

Platinum Sponsors
– Fontenot Family Denistry 
– Kathleen Theriot Realtor 
– Kishbaugh For Lafayette 
– Ranch Outlet 

Gold Sponsors
– Advance 2000 Tax Service 
– Arsement Machine & Supply
– Bryan Tabor for Parish Council 
– Carencro Catholic School 
– Creative T-Shirts
– Elaine Richard, CPA
– Home Bank
– Jay Castille Construction Inc.
– Lee Verret State Farm Insurance
– Melancon Funeral Home
– Melancon I-49 Storage Center
– Nolan’s Lawnmower Sales & Service 
– Pizzaville USA
– Prejean Creative 
– Rayne State Bank 
– Schambo Manufacturing 
– Swanky’s Downtown Carencro 
– Total Pump & Supply 

Bring your dancing shoes and a blanket or folding chair, but leave your ice chests and pets at home, please. Food and beverages are available.

Meet the Team: Shai O’Veal

If there’s any one thing that can be said about Shai O’Veal, our Utility Clerk, it’s that she values helping people above all else. A native of Carencro, Shai credits her love of the residents of her hometown as the reason that led her to work here at City Hall.

With an Associate Degree in both Accounting Technology and Office Systems Technology, she is well-suited to tackle all of the daily responsibilities that come with her title: greeting customers, processing payments, and helping set up new services. For Shai, nothing brings her more joy than putting a smile on someone’s face – and we believe it’s this attitude that has allowed her to succeed in the office.

Being a mother of three is a job in and of itself, but for Shai, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. When not at work, Shai makes certain that her children get to and from school every day, while still finding the time in-between to assist the elderly at nursing homes, provide for kids whose parents are challenged, and give a ride to those without the means. It may go without saying, but we think the world could use more people like Shai (which is why we’re more than glad to have her here with us in Carencro).


Meet Councilmember Antoine Babineaux


Tell us about your Carencro roots.
As a native of Carencro, I have been living here for 65 years. I graduated from Carencro High School in 1972, and have worked here ever since. Family is important to me: I’m a proud father of three (Nathaniel, Antoine III, and Aspazie), grandfather of five, and great-grandfather of one. We often cook together, listen to Zydeco music, and travel. My family gathers together to create memories that will last a lifetime, and it is these memories that inspire me to improve my community.

How long have you been a Council member?
I have been a councilman for 29 years now. My desire to run for re-election was directly influenced by my enduring dedication to the community of Carencro. I want to support the continued growth and progression of our City, so that future generations may live a better life.

What are some of your goals during your term?
My goals are largely inspired by my family ties to the city. As a native who is raising a family in Carencro, it is my desire to see that residents continue to enjoy a higher quality of life. Because of this, promoting the continued growth and progression of our city is my top priority as councilman. I believe that making strides towards developing a safe and clean environment, promoting educational opportunities, and securing economic development are paramount to ensuring that our citizens are happy.

Besides serving as a City Councilmember, tell us about your work and professional training.
I have been employed with Hub City Ford for the past 16 years as a Manufacturer Trained Technician. My promise, as a knowledgeable, full-time qualified Technician, is to keep delivering award-winning service to customers on a daily basis.

What else would you like us to know about you?
Besides caring for the citizens of Carencro, I am an active parishioner at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church. As part of my duties to the church, I am a Parish Council Trustee, and an active member of the Fundraising Committee. Outside of my church, I am an organizer for the FoodNet drive at the Carencro Community Center. This non-profit organization helps provide food to those in need, generates community support, and reduces hunger through distribution of donated goods.

Meet the Team: Maureen Guidry

 Although she’s a native Tennessean, marriage brought Maureen Guidry to her husband’s hometown of Carencro. After raising her family here, and working for the city for several years, she’s come to consider it home, too. Sorry, Memphis!

As a Certified Municipal Assistant, Mrs. Guidry serves as our Utilities Supervisor. This means she helps us with just about everything: utility billing, collection of payments, work orders, monthly reports, customer service, and computer issues, to name a few. Basically, she keeps our utilities operations running day-to-day for the residents of Carencro.

When she’s not busy answering phone calls or setting up new accounts, Mrs. Guidry enjoys spending time with her family and attending concerts with her friends. Live music is a favorite of hers, and we think she’s found the right place to two-step and Cajun-dance.


Meet Councilmember Jordan Arceneaux


Tell us about your Carencro roots.
My grandfather moved here when my father was a young boy, and my dad was raised here. When my father married my mother, they moved to Sunset for a short time, but continued owning a grocery store in Carencro. We lived in Sunset when I was born, but moved to Carencro way before I was old enough to remember. I was raised in Carencro and consider myself a native, as it is all I have ever known.

I am proud to have had all of my formal education at Carencro schools. I went to Carencro Catholic from kindergarten through fourth grade. Next, I attended Carencro Middle School for fifth through eighth grades. I attended Carencro High School through my senior year.

How long have you been a Council member?
An entire month. And what a month it has been.

Why did you choose to run for office?
I ran for our future. My kids and future generations mean more to me that anything. Carencro has been fortunate to have amazing people who have led us down a wonderful path. My father and grandfather worked hard in this community to serve people. They owned a grocery store and various other businesses. My father stressed to me that serving people and helping them in any way you can is a measure of success. This is my goal on the Council; simply, to take care of every person I can while preparing a future for their kids and mine.

What are some of your goals during your term?
I have many items I hope to accomplish. One item I have been pushing for is a separate and set budget yearly for road repairs, sidewalk repairs, and ditch work. Currently, once projects are noted, budgets are set for them after a prioritization is completed. My goal is to write into ordinance, a standard percentage of the budget that would go to funding these projects every year. A separate fund would exist to ensure we are prioritizing these projects every year while accounting for years that income may be down.

I also hope to review the land use ordinance or requirements for business (especially as it relates to small business). This is a complicated task and has been worked on for many years by many people. I would like to get those people back at the table to discuss how we can continue to grow our city in a smart and beautiful way, while still allowing freedom of private property to our citizens and business owners.

Lastly, I want to engage the public on all levels. I plan to visit and tour all of our schools, meet with the Police and Fire Chiefs, send letters to new businesses welcoming them and offering support, attending business/industry meetings, and finding innovative avenues to meet the public where they are, to find out their needs and wants.

I encourage people to contact me in any way they are comfortable. I committed in my campaign to return every communication I received. This is something I will hold myself to. I can be contacted at,, and 337-258-8403. I also have an occasional email group that I send to, with updates and my summary of every city council meeting and other events as they happen. I encourage people to contact me to get on this list to stay up to date on the latest happenings.

Besides serving as a City Councilmember, tell us about your work and professional training.
I work a few jobs. My main job is being a husband to my wife Lauren and a dad to three sons (Cruz, age 6, Cohen, age 3, and Clay, age 7 months). However, my income is from my job as a Nurse Practitioner, working for the Lafayette General Trauma Center. We handle all traumas and acute care surgeries for the LGMC main campus. We do not schedule outpatient or routine procedures, but see all surgical emergencies that come in to the emergency room. I also work part-time in the emergency room a few days a month. 

I graduated from the nursing program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2009, and returned there to earn a Master’s of Science in Nursing in 2015. I am a member of the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. I am a regular speaker to nursing students on various surgical topics.

What else would you like us to know about you?
I am a parishioner at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church in Carencro. My Catholic faith is important to me and guides many decisions that I make.

I am very proud of my beautiful family. My wife and I have gone to school together since kindergarten and have attended the same school every year through our graduation at UL Lafayette in 2009. We are fortunate that she is able to stay home with our children and provide them an amazing childhood. Cruz, our oldest, currently goes to Carencro Catholic School and we have enrolled Cohen for next year.

With a busy family life and work life, I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies, but I own chickens and donkeys, and enjoy spending time on our property, cooking and improving things.